Review zu "Never Ending War" (2002)

Noize Magazine (, 21.10.2002)
Andabata are an underground death metal band from Zweibrücken, Germany and itīs save to say that they sound a bit different from most others in this genre. Instead of the common instrumentation, this band features two basses instead of guitars. The result sounds quite strange. Very dense riffs and rhythms give the songs on "Never Ending War" a very gloomy touch. The lack of harmonies and melodies however also results in monotonie. Itīs not that all eleven songs sound the same. Nonetheless, thereīs not much diversion here. As "Never Ending War" is a concept album, the lyrics are also of great importance. And there we have another problem: itīs all about the final battle Good vs. Evil, Armageddon, Lucifer... once again. Andabata try to create something new but totally ignore the fact that this is perhaps the oldest of all lyrical concepts. The music on this CD isnīt crap, but itīs not good, either. The songs are quite ok, neither special nor annoying. There is nothing to crtiticize about the technical performance on "Never Ending War". All bandmembers seem to know their instruments and the production is ok as well. In the end, I would recommend listening before buying, if possible. (GrandBonum)
rating: 5