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6th June 2019

New shows confirmed: We will play in december in Hamburg.

24th January 2019

Our new buttons are available!!!

7th January 2019

Thanks to all for the great concert in Passau.

We have the next confirmed show for 2019:
We'll be in Frankenthal in octobre.

3rd December 2018

The first shows for 2019 are confirmed.
More infos on the "concert"-Page.

4th February 2018

Yesterday was the last show with our Bass-Player Kevin.

7th August 2017

We have 2 new gigs. Find more on the concerts-side.

5th May 2017

Our new Band-Fotos are online!

We play our first show with the new lineup in october in Stuttgart.
More shows will follow.

12th March 2017

We have a new lineup!
Kevin is our new Bass-Player. Sabine changed to the drums!

7th June 2016

The 3rd Interview out of the archives is online now.

13th May 2016

Another "new old" Interview is online.
This time it's from "Refraktor"-Zine. Have fun!

23th April 2016

We found some old interviews and reviews.
Bit by bit we will put them on our site in the next weeks.
First one is online already!

14th May 2015

Visit our new shop on SkullMerch.

13th October 2014

Our last gig ist over.
First of all: Thanks to Marc for the time with Andabata. Was a lot of fun.

We will upload some fotos of older concerts or interviews or such stuff.
So, you should look sometimes on our page.

28th September 2014

You can see the fotos of our gig are online already.
Thanks to all visitors.
Hope to see you all on our last concert in Zweibrücken.

04th August 2014

The flyer of our concert in Zweibrücken is online, too.

03th August 2014

The flyer for our concert with Bone Patrol is online.
Hope to see you all there!

20th July 2014

The last concert with our drummer Marc in Franken will be on 27th September in Nürnberg.

9th June 2014

Finally we got the pictures of the show in Zweibrücken online.
You can find them on the "Konzerte"-page.

Probably we will play a concert in Nürnberg in september.
More infos will follow soon.

27th May 2014

Just a month after the last concerts, we have a part of the fotos online.
The next will follow in a few days.

27th April 2014

Again, a concert-weekend ended much to soon.
Thanx to all of you, that came to one of our shows in Landau or Zweibrücken.
The pictures will follow in the next few days.
Hope we see you all again in october on our next concert in the "Hobbit".

15th April 2014

Now we have a flyer for the concert in "Rhumbar" next week!
Hope to see you all there.

2nd April 2014

The pictures of the concert at the "RedBox" are online now.
You can find them on the concert-page.

19th March 2014

Again, we have a new confirmed gig.
We will play on 25th April in Landau with Warfield and Exility.

12th March 2014

New Concert-Date confirmed! Andabata will play in the Red Box in Nürnberg.
More informations will follow on concert-page.

27th February 2014

Again another great show is over.
The few pictures we have are online now.

19th January 2014

Thanks to all for the great evening in Bautzen. We had a lot of fun.
Although many thanks to the other bands and the Steinhaus-Crew.

07th January 2014

New Merchandising has arrived! We have limited numbers of buttons.
Two different motives are available. The buttons have a size of 24 mm.
Apiece 1,00 Euro.

06th January 2014

We wish all of you a happy new year!
The year starts good for us: we will play in Zweibrücken in April.

30th December 2013

As payment for orders we now accept PayPal.

As a little incentive to use it,
you can buy our 3 CDs as a bundle for just 10,00 Euro plus shipping costs.
(within germany 2,50 Euro. Oher countries on inquiry)

30th December 2013

We will not have an english version of the complete website,
but we will publish at least our news in english.


We are searching for a new vocalist and a new bass-player.

Interested? Email to